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Need Help Identifying a Jungle Carbine.

Hello, I just purchased a Beautifull Jungle Carbine, I was told though that it may not be authentic, I bought it for a shooter so was not worried about that.
I purchased it from Cabellas, and was told at the Gun Library that the headspace was checked on these. On the side it says No 5 Mk 1 it has a rubber kick pad on it, and looks like it had some kind of scope mount on it because it has one tapped hole on top of the reciever, and looks like it had some kind of clamp on the stripper clip guide.
Its in what I would call very good condition.
I will edit this post in a minute, and add some pictures.
I hope it dosent have the lightening cuts in the reciever, but am not familiar with the Einfield so I came to this forum for help.
Thanks in advance.
Forgot to mention Serial Number TE0062 Still trying to upload pictures.
It does have a Bayonet Lug, and the Rear Flip up appeture sight.
Its a beautifull piece that I cant put down, and has really good Rifeling in the barrel.

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