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@Freakdaddy: It's actually something of the norm. In Pittsburgh, we are fortunate to have a non-profit called the FIRE Institute ( run by Gunsite alumni who periodically invite some really good people to do training at a local range. The head of the organization is a local attorney, and he also does some pure lecture classes on the law -- last year, after Pennsylvania's Castle Doctrine took effect, he did a one-day seminar on the subject.

They mostly rely on word-of-mouth for advertising so, unfortunately, some of the more advanced classes sometimes get canceled due to lack of interest (a class on disarms and weapons retention fell by the wayside this March,) but the basic-level 3-day pistol, rifle, and shotgun classes seem to always go on schedule. They also do some one-day introductory classes. I took one of those a few years ago right before I purchased my first handgun, and I think it really introduced me to the necessity of quality training.

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