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I love my POF as well, kudos! Sniper's Hide Forum has the SAS info you seek. Over there the members seem very fond of Thunderbeast Arms (for which Houston Armory by you is a stocking dealer) and SAS, but there's a wealth of info on just about any kind of rifle suppressor you could want.

Mile High Shooting (the distributor for SAS) is a member over there, and they post pretty regularly. Kino (username on Sniper's Hide) has alot of info about SAS, and posts quite a bit, I don't believe he works at SAS, but he seems to go to the range regularly with Tim, the owner. If you search through his posts you'll find a bunch of info. If you have any direct questions about Suppressed Armament call Mile High Shooting in Colorado, they are the exclusive distributor and answer calls and questions when you need info. Trying to contact Tim at SAS is just about impossible being it's basically just him running the operation. Apparently he thinks (wisely i believe) it's more important to make his products for customers than answer the phone or check his email. Good luck in your search, and good luck to all of us awaiting approval from the ATF!
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