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First of all, you should contact the Buffalo Bill Historical Center in Cody Wyoming and get a letter, which will indicate from winchester's original records exactly when the gun was manufactured and it's original configuration. They may also be able to tell you to whom it was shipped. I got a letter last year for a '97 winchester riot and it cost $60. It's certainly cheap enough when you think about all the guess work you'll be elliminating and in my case stopped people from questioning me as to whether, or not it was an original riot shotgun.

Don't assume the year your rifle was made by it's serial number according to the Blue Book, or any other source. I have an 1892 SRC, 44-40, trapper, 17" barrel with a serial# in the 88,000 range. That would indicate it was made in 1894, but not so. My letter indicated it was born in 1898. Like I said, never assume.

As far as your description regarding it's condition is concerned, you really gave a non description. Condition is almost everything. Pictures would certainly help, but without documentation and actually holding it in your hand you can only be given a vague guess as to it's value. As far as sending photos you can post them here, but I don't even know how to do that and have my own photos as well that I'd like to post, but when I try it keeps coming back too large. I've seen guns with as little as 10% less original finish sell for thousands of dollars less. Check things out the correct way. Lots of luck and Happy Easter.

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