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I'll add a few cents worth of opinion/experience here as I have a total of four 597s (a heavy-barrel with Evolution stock and a Dick's special; both scoped, both .22LR; a heavy-barrel with Evolution stock and a former syn-stocked .17HMR converted in the recall; both scoped, both .22WMR). In my experience, all of my failures came in the early days with the first one because I over tightened the rods' set screws; now I just take them flush to the block and they barely kiss the rods. Again, with my first one, I had extractor issues and that was solved with the one from Volquartsen. None of the others have given any similar issues so they are unchanged. I had one 10-round .22LR OEM magazine that regularly gave fits; Rem exchanged it and now all 10 of my mags work just fine. I saw a post about the .22WMR mags on another forum where it was recommended to not load more than six rounds (of an eight round capacity) and I've never had an issue since. All three of my 30 round mags for .22LR are Remington branded; two work flawlessly; the other is too light to make a good anchor. Like so many, I learned my lessons about Remington rimfire ammunition the hard way; Thunderfarts, Goldens and all the rest just seem to have an extraordinary number of FTFs. All of my .22s like CCI MiniMags so the 40 gr. solid is my "go to" ammo, especially when shooting for accuracy as opposed to "plinking." But I have very few problems with Federal AutoMatch, Lightning or Value Pack bulk. My mantra about the 597s is pretty simple: keep 'em clean and well lubricated and they'll work just fine. Several times now I've done some shoot-offs with 10/22s and have won all of 'em. Even swapped rifles with the 10/22 shooters and they won.
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