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public post by Robert E. Murray/Buddy Hinton/

this post about obnoxious behavior by Sturmgewehr's buyers was PUBLICLY posted by Robert E. Murray here:

I find it IRONIC that the guy made this public post, complaining about behavior of buyers, after emailing me PRIVATELY about the good luck he had in selling items to folks on Sturmgewehr....and why I SHOULD TRUST Mr. Alves and REFUND the return shipping as well.

I wander what prompted the change in opinion regarding the behavior of buyers on Sturmgewehr b/w the short time he emailed me and today's post?

FWIW, this guy asked me to REFUND THE RETURN SHIPPING to Mr. Jim Alves and told me that unless the matter got settled soon, Buddy Hinton will delete the thread(which he did).

I take my hats off to both Mr. Robert E. Murray and Mr. Buddy Hinton for their TRUE SHOW OF CHARACTER.

Originally Posted by Robert E. Murray
What really gets me is those guys that say...
By:Murray <[email protected]> (
Date: 4/7/12 13:12
In Response To: When do you stop responding to the emails? (david K. in VA)

"Mark it sold...I'll take it". A Pic of the gun was posted, Detailed description, and the Post read, you get what you see in pic. You then send total price, including shipping, asking that funds be forwarded to you. Thats when the emails start...after the buyer has said.... "I'll take it". One would think that the deal has been sealed, with the "I'll take it". Mind you questions prior to the "I'll take it".....
How many rounds down pipe
Hows the bore
Hows the internals
Did you buy it new
How long have you owned it
Do you have the Original Box
Do you happen to have 2 extra mags you can throw in
Does it come with a cleaning kit.
I didn't see a Sling, will you include one
Will it be shipped in a Hard Case
What spare parts come with it
Do you have a wood stock set that you'll include
What brand ammo have you shot in it
Are there any scratchs on the gun
Is there any rust or pitting on the gun
Hows the finish
Do you have more pics
Send me a pic of the Bore
Are you including a scope with it
I didn't see any Mag Pouches, are they included
How about the Carry Handle
Hows the Headspace
Does it shoot straight
Is it a low serial number gun
Wheres the Bipod, its included...right
Do you have Iron sights for it
Port Buffer is included..right
Do you have the retractable stock for it
Do you have the Manual for it
Oft times to avoid answering endless emails, i'll just kindly respond after the 2nd or third email...and ask, Do you want the gun or not, i have others waiting for it. Believe me, i know what you go through.


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