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email from Rufus E. Murray, action by Buddy Hinton of

believe it or not, I got an email from Rufus E. Murray/[email protected] who claimed that he has done business with me in the past and knows both Mr. Jim Alves and I are honorable men.

Then he proceeded to state that I should REFUND RETURN SHIPPING as well as original shipping and EVERYTHING ELSE.

And in return for that, he'll vouch for me.

The only problem with the offer made by Mr. Murray is that when I checked my records, I have never bought from him or sold any item to him.

The only correspondence I've ever had with Mr. Murray was when he sent a low ball offer on a sold item and then, never responded to en email ever since until I got this email out of the blue.

I wander what is the value of "personal voucher" from a man who claimed to have done business with me when he hasn't?

Mr. Murray also stated that if I don't agree to his offer, Buddy Hinton who owns will probably delete the thread.

Note: turns out that Buddy Hinton sides with Mr. Jim Alves/Rufus E. Murray since he deleted the duplicate of this thread which was posted on's General Board.

I wander if that means Mr. Buddy Hinton is a MAN OF REAL CHARACTER, just like Mr. Rufus E. Murray, and Mr. Jim Alves?

Then Mr. Rufus E. Murray told me that negative reputation have a way of spreading on the internet.

I guess Buddy Hinton/Sturmgewehr's way of doing this is to delete thread voicing negative feedback if it doesn't please the owner/moderator/Mr. Rufus Murray/Mr. Jim Alves.

What a show of character!

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