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If you look up in the dictionary Shooting Hearing Loss, you'll see my picture.

I can't hear POOP. At matches I can't hear the buzzard, whistle, or any commands when wearing hearing protection. I either have to wait until someone fires a shot to know the time has started or if shooting a stage by my self, as in action pistol, I have to get a shoulder tap.

Some events you start from the "surrender position" meaning your hands up. In that case I raise my hands and take my non firing hand up to my head and life that side's ear muff, then drop it as the timer goes off.

Electronic hearing protection does work. Problem is in steel matches I can't hear the ringing of steel, some times I think I hit it but didn't, MISS, some times I hit it and don't know so I shoot it two or three times to make sure. Really screws up your time.

My electronic hearing protectors shut down like their suppose to and remain shut down so I can't hear ringing steel.

If you use electronic hearing protectors carry extra batteries. When you get to the range you'll find out the last time you were shooting, you left them on and the battery is dead.
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