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Well there are several ways to get equipped for turkey season. There are some who feel they need all the latest gadgets or supplies and others who feel they need only the bare essentials. The barest of essentials is camo from head to toe because turkeys have excellent eye sight even though they don't notice a blind in the middle of a field... A call, whether it is a box, slate, or diaphragm. Generally a box or slate are easier to master quicker than a diaphragm which takes some practice (or at least it did me). A luxury would be a turkey vest with a butt cushion which aids in preventing a case of the "numb posterior".

As far as guns and chokes, I've used an old JC Higgins bolt action 12ga with high brass 6's to kill turkeys. If you can get the gobbler in side 25-30yds then a regular barrel will work fine.

Just remember that being ultra still will let you get away with having an "imperfect" camo pattern and when/if you hear him coming to whatever call you choose then go ahead and get the gun pointed in that direction...

In short, doing your homework and locating the birds is far more important than having half of Cabelas turkey gear.

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