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I am someone who just likes flashlights and has one in every room in the house and always carries one, just in case. I have used various 2 and 4 cell (C, D, and AA) Maglites and Streamlights for years and found them to be very good flashlights. It is only recently that I have gotten into the "tactical" flashlights and I love them for their portabllity and bright beams.
I have these and like them all:
Galls H.A.L.O.
Eagletac P100C2 LED powered by cr123 batteries
Fenix E21 LED powered by AA batteries
Remington RM123 A-B Cree XRE P4
As mentioned I have used the Maglites and Streamilight for many years and can attest to their durability, some I have had for years. In the case of the newer tactical flashlights I have not had them long enough to see how well they will last.
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