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For your shotgun, I suggest that you...

pattern to barrel with what load you are going to use.
get a hold of the turkey head silhouette target and find what give the best pattern density at 25 & 40 yds.

I would recommend that you use standard 2-3/4" 1-1/4ox loads, with #$, #5, or #6 shot. Check out game regulations to ss if there are maximum shot size not to exceed. [aka no buckshot, or #2 shot is the limit.]

What type cal are you PRACTICING with? I have used two, one a cedar box call and tube mouth call, not a diaphragm type.
Best way to call in the field I found is SOFTLY, not try to get a bird from three counties over. Also follow "less is more" as to frequency and amount of calling.

For clothing, use rubber bands around the leg & arm cuffs, after spraying the insides with bug juice, this will minimize tick and chigger from traveling further.
Use a full head net over your cap, to cut face reflection and get mosquitoes from you. It also allows you to turn your head.

Good luck.
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