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from CountZero's post 2116:

I guess this is what $720 Million buys you...
Mexican President Calderon calls for assault weapon ban in US:


I don't off hand know where the $720 million number comes from, but perhaps re President Calderon's seeking a U.S, ban on "assault weapons" and his references to a redo of "the Clinton Assault Weapons Ban", which didn't ban or otherwise effect Assault Weapon #1, perhaps someone might take the trouble to:

1. Acquaint him with existing, still in force U.S. law, law that goes back to 1934, otherwise known as The National Firearms Act of 1934.
2. Let the man in on a small secret, that being that "assault weapons" are "selective fire weapons, chambered for intermediate power cartridges", a type of firearm that is not generally available on the civilian market in this country, a type of weapon that is not available via the local gun shop or sporting goods store.
3. Of course, it's likely that Calderon is fully aware of the above, but that he is in cahoots with our anti gun, anti gun rights president, or has been otherwise charmed by the force of Obama's personality and wit. Either way, he does his country, Mexico, no great service re the sad songs that he sings.
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