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Grouse hunting in northern Minnesota. I walked way off the main road on a trail that ended and kept going because hunting was good. About 5 miles into my walk I saw something weird next to a down tree in the root ball. It was oddly shaped compared to everything else around it. I walked over and kicked it. Turned out to be 1/2 of a Human skull.

Of course I was sorta of freaking out thinking I found Jimmy Hoffa. A long walk back and a long walk back out there the next day with 7 police and 3 game wardens. Once we got there they started an investigation. I didn't notice the first time I looked at it but it had a bullet hole on the right side above the eye.
They found only a few more of the bones. Well about 3 months goes by and I finally got a call from the PD. They determined that the skull was more than 100 years old and closed the case as archeological.

Kinda freaky someone shot and just left there all those years.
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