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A question about training courses

I am planning on attending some additional handgun courses this summer. Right now, I'm just trying to decide the best approach. There will be several good instructors who will be giving three day/weekend courses either around my home town or within reasonable driving distance, and on a mix of subjects (basic handgun, close quarters tactics, and the like.) If I wanted to, I could probably take one a month between May and September.

I started looking at the numbers and doing the math on what this would cost (between round counts, etc.), however, and realized that instead of doing this, I could just save my money and just go to Gunsite for a week instead. (It would be more expensive after lodging, transportation was factored in, but not decisively so.)

So...all else being equal, what would be better from a training perspective? One week at Gunsite, or a few courses over a few months with different instructors? I'm kind of inclined to pick the latter, since it seems to make more financial sense, but lots of people say that Gunsite 250 is a 'life-changing' experience (and there's a certain cachet about going there, I'll admit.)

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