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NJ Gun Control Time line leading up to the 1960's,

I focused on the 1960's and earlier because that information was nearly impossible to obtain. This might answer some questions how and when this all came about.

Chapter 137 Laws of 1924 Page 305 - 308 Concealed carry permit now needed. Establishes Record of Sale, Registry, signature of buyer and seller, duplicate needs to be delivered to chief of police, penalties include a high misdemeanor, 24 hour waiting period, no sales after 3 pm, presidents of banks and trust associations, loan institutions, can make application for (up to) 20 permits for the employees,agents, messengers and clerks. Does not apply to State Police or any motor vehicle inspector...Approved March 11 1924

Chapter 95 Laws of 1927 Page 180-182 Machine Guns need to procure and possess a license to purchase. Apply at the Court of Common Pleas of the county where the applicant resides for a license to purchase have and possess a machine gun. Application shall be in writing and shall state the reasons for needing one. Application presented to the judge and to the sheriff, the judge at his discretion may issue a license. Exceptions for law enforcement..

Chapter 67 Laws of 1954 Page 419 No person shall sell or purchase a pistol or revolver unless the purchaser has first secured a permit to purchase or carry a pistol or revolver. Approved June 24 1954

Chapter 60 Laws of 1966 Pages 480 - 506 Firearms Laws Revising, repealing and supplementing parts of Statutory Law. This is the one that changed things and the one you want to research yourself. Sills Act of 1966 or the FID 1966 Gun Control Law all 26 pages worth. The exact law, the exact wording, 1966 style.

(This is the law that mandated Firearms ID cards in order to purchase long guns in NJ. Requirements then and still to this day include mental health check, references, police background check, fingerprints, fees and long waits for the card. By 1966 there was a pistol purchase permit requirement already in place since 1954.)

I did an exhaustive write up on NJ gun control on another two other forums earlier this year, the above direct links are to the online research law library from Rutgers.
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