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Posted by Double Naught Spy: Glad things worked out, but that is one wacky lady.
You can say that again!
"...he shoved me up against the door and I felt the gun in my back pocket and I was like, ‘Dang, I've got that gun.’ I forgot it," she said.
"That won't happen again, or if so, I'll have a bigger gun," she said.
" car was running, my purse was in it, my business checkbook, my laptop, everything and my cash..." .... She ran to the police department that is less than a block away from her business and reported what had happened.
Of course, shock and adrenalin can do strange things to one's judgment, but forgetting that one is carrying is a pretty serious mistake, and running past and away from one's running car that contains one's belongings is surely not the wisest strategy.

And saying that one will get a bigger gun if it happens again does sound pretty darn silly.
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