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This is one reason for my ongoing campaign to stop people from generically referring to the British military rifle as a "three-oh-three". It's a LEE-ENFIELD, people!
Well, yes, unless it is a No 4 or No 5 which was enough of a departure from the WW I era SMLE No 1 that I don't think even the British called them Lee Enfields.

I am sure it has been done to make .303 Savage out of .30-30 (What is a .25-30? A .25-35 shrunk to fit the screen on the internet, maybe.) even though the .30-30 is a good deal smaller head diameter. There was the gimmick of a wrap of Scotch tape around the head to insure that the expansion would be uniform and MIGHT not separate the case head for a few loadings.
But there used to be a lot of that sort of stuff done.
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