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A little history...

The law originally just banned "slungshots" in the 1950's or 60's. Then as the story goes, some idiot in the legislature changed a letter "u" to an "i" and slingshots were instantly outlawed.

The machine gun legislation in New Jersey dates way back to about 1924.

The law requiring a FID (Firearms ID) card to buy long guns, with fingerprints, mental health check, references, three to six month wait and $65 all dates back to 1966 (two years before the 1968 GCA). You can thank attorney general Arthur Sills for this. Sills later went on to help Gov. Florio (Mr. toilet paper tax) with his campaign and later died of a stroke somewhere in the 90's.

Pistol purchase permit dates back before 1966. There were references of it (from my research) dating back to the 1920's.
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