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Well said Kraig.

We take our Boy Scout Troop out 2 to 3 times a year and invite the latest batch of Webelos II's to join us as well. One trip is to a very Scout supportive range (Thank you Bill's!). Me and another fellow bring probably way to much gear but the boys learn some gun safety, learn a bit about guns, and then have a great time shooting all sorts of types of rifles and pistols. Younger scouts stick to the .22's (but there are several .22 pistols and a .22 magnum rifle to try) and older scouts get to try there hand at the larger calibers if they like. They outing costs me and the other guy a small fortune each year but it's worth it to spread the joy of the sport and it goes past the kids. Many adults are gun leery, they're a lot less so after watching an event like this.

My suggestion, if there is a club near you, a .22 pistol league is a great and relatively inexpensive way to get started and they are a lot of fun. Good .22 pistols are available for under $300 and .22 ammo is cheap! .22's are great gun icebreakers as well. If you enjoy it (and you will), then it's easier to move on to other platforms and other shooting venues such as center fire pistol leagues and IDPA, ect.
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