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These nimrods are being charged under Federal Law. They are accused of violating the Lacey Act (16 U.S.C. §§ 3371–3378) which prohibits the interstate transport of illegaly taken game, fish, and plants.

Hunters need not worry about transporting their game interstate if it was take legaly! Just follow the rules and nothing to wory about.

Remember that the game laws are there to protect our sport!

My question is where do I go to for information on transport. Obviously I talk to AZ and the state I hunt in. Are ther fed regs I need to look at.
According to the Lacy act, if game is taken legaly and tagged properly, it can be transported. Most State F&G agencies sell "Interstate Game Tags" that allow for the transport of legaly taken game parts if the license holder is not accompanying the animal. It is very straight forward. Basically, if you shot the critter legally, you can posses it and transport it to your home State.

Big P - The reason you were not issued a ticket is because you did nothing wrong. The reason the Wardens were looking so hard at you is because they can apply FEDERAL LAW if you had poached that deer and drove it across the state line. Many State laws don't have the teeth of the Lacy act as far as penalties, so they were looking for a big score, but when your story proved out, they had to release you. I bet they get several people each year in the same situation that are not honest like you. Thanks for relaying the story, and be proud you were doing things correctly!
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