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I'm going to say that the best way to learn about this is to go and actually watch it.
I disagree, the best way to learn is to jump right in and start shooting.

It doesn't cost that much, nor do you need that much equipment to get started.

You (through your parents) can get a police trade in rather cheap, I like the S&W Model 64 38 Revolver, Ammo is cheap, all sorts of holsters out there to get you started. An example about $250-300 for the revolver, and a Fobus holster for less then $25. Ear and eye protection and you're good to go.

Speed loaders would be needed but don't buy them yet, wait until you find out what type you need ( I use Comp IIIs).

Three things are going to happen when you jump right in and start shooting.

1: You're going to learn something
2: You're going to meet great people and start lasting friendships
3: You're going to have fun.

I don't know of any club that doesn't desire new shooters, Especially junior shooters. Juniors are the future of our shooting sports.

When you shot up at a match, with the pistol/revolver, ear muffs and eye protection, the other shooters will get you started right, they'll loan you speed loaders and show you how to use them. They'll make sure you learn right and safely.

You should post you're location. Someone might be near to help you get started. I know if you were any where near me, (with parents permission) I'd drag you to a match ever other week end, loan you what ever equipment you need to get started and make sure you get started right. I'd even help with the ammo.

We need more youth shooters.

To all you older shooters reading this:

Kraig Stuart
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