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Congrats on the LCR22, I too want one. As I said b4 I happen to think a .22 is fine for ccw and would carry one. If I shot a perp 9 times in the face with one I promise you he won't be getting up. And yes 9 times in the face with one is not a problem, because MOST people who own them can afford to practice ALOT . As far as the LCR in .38 special, I bought my wife one and put the smaller crimson trace grips on it for her, and I have to tell ya I HATE shooting that thing, it hurts the crap out of my hand. With the original grips it wasn't too bad. But the ole lady loves the thing and is quite good with it. I could not imagine firing an LCR in .357 mag with the crimson trace grips.
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