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I have both an LCR 22 and an LCR 357. The 22 is a great practice/training handgun. I have been using Tuff Products Model 1022 Quick Strips to reload it with. Skip a shell between pairs for cylinder clearance. This will only reload 7 rounds, but is great practice for loading your 38/357 with the Quick Strips.

I conceal carry all the time. I also carry my LCR 22 now and again. I live in a rural area about 10 miles from Mayberry. I am not sure when we had the last mugging or car jacking. We have an armed robbery once every 10 years or so in the County. If you stay out of bars it is a pretty low threat area.
With that said, I probably fire atleast 20 rounds a year while concealed carrying. Poison snakes, armodillows, mud turtles swapping ponds, deer hit by cars, etc.

I have carried my 2-1/2" 66 all week with 2 shot shells up front. Went out for supper with a bunch from Church last night changed to my LCR 357 with 357 Short Barrel carry ammo. Today I am back to the 66 with shot shells.

My point is not everyones carry for personal protection all the time.

I find the LCR to be a must have handgun. If the S&W 43C had a steel cylinder, I might be willing to spend another $150 to upgrade to it. Until the 43C has a steel cylinder I do not consider it to be an upgrade over the LCR 22. In my opinion anyone who carries a J Frame for CC should own a J Frame size 22 to practice with. The LCR 22 lets you get in a massive amount of trigger time, with a handgun that does not recoil. The lack of recoil will let one pick up on any bad habbits a heavy recoiling centerfire will mask.

I have a Lobo Enhanced Pancake for the pair of LCR's. I also have a Tuff Products Speed Strip carrier to hold a couple of the 1022 Quick Strips in Orange. I shoot the LCR 22 in BUG Division in our Clubs Defensive Pistol Match. I reload with the Quick Strips. Great Practice.

I have been carrying CCI Stingers most of the time. I also have some Velocitiors but I have not done any testing with either so far.

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