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Holsters for flintlocks

I suppose this topic could go under black powder but I got the impression it was more for Cowboy Action Shooting and this has nothing to do with that or the Old West. It's about holsters for flintlock pistols.

I have a collection of old manuals, standing orders and regulations starting from the late 18th century, mostly reprints and extracts, all supplemented with books on the subjects that are sometimes just stuff copied from the regulations and "warrants." Naturally, it creates as many questions as they answer.

Somewhere, the standing orders for the Life Guards say that for foot drill or something, soldiers will "parade" (form up) with sidearms and accoutrements, including pistols. The pistols at the time (around 1810, say) would be single shot flintlock pistols. I have never seen an illustration nor any reference in any book or museum for a holster for a single-shot pistol to be carried on the person. I know about saddle holsters for "horse pistols" and my father-in-law had parts of one for two pistols that came down in his family. I also know that some pistols were fitted with belt hooks, too.

Anyone ever see in an illustration or in person a genuine belt holster for a single shot flintlock or percussion pistol?
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