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Ran into this problem Myself a few years ago.Was hunting close to the state line in GA,took a nice little buck on the evening hunt. So I needed extra ice because was'nt leaving for home untill the next day The nearest store was in SC. no kiddin 4 miles away.When I came out of the store the game warden was sitting behind my truck looking at blood leaking out of the tailgate.

Thats when IT hit the fan.Starting charges were Illegal out of state hunting,no SC. hunting licence,Illegal transportation of said deer even though it was tagged in GA. 6 hours later with DNR OFFICERS from both states it was decided they would have to see proof of the kill site or I would be jailed.

Now its 1 AM in the woods with flash lights looking at a bloody kill site & I'M told You better be glad you were telling the truth. We've had enough of this poaching crap.Well I told them this was not poaching!!! This set off well we're not finished yet. Back to the camp wake everyone up to varify My story & check licence & every firearm in the club. 5AM back to my truck was told we'll let you know if we need anything else ENJOY your hunt.

NO tickets or charges were made. But I will never kick THAT DOG again
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