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bow & gun

I bow hunt whitetails from trees, and have kept a pretty good "deer diary".
My bow shot average is 14 yds. My longest bow shot was 30, and I have only taken a 30 yd shot on one other occassion (missed). These days I shoot one pin set for 20 yds.

My longest deer shot was paced at 225, on a ROW (.270/130) , bamaboy has the family record at a lasered 260yds on a ROW with a .243/100. But, almost all my other rifle kills have been under 100, half those under 50. Biggest buck I will likely ever kill was at 19 paces w/ a bolt 7.62x39/135. The last rifle kill I made was at 30 paces w/ a .308/150 scout.
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