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just wanted to point out, the magazines of the 597 are considered the second biggest problem with them.

The extractor and therefore the 'extraction' of the rifle has been the biggest or widely complained problem in my experience and reading online but the mags are documented. I believe they literally admitted the first and poss second generation mags were straight up flawed, and they had to come up with the 3rd? gen is it?

Also the 30 rd plastic ones have numerous complaints too. I forget if the aftermarket ones suck and the Remington 30 round ones are the ones you want, or vice versa you want the aftermarket and dont want the Rem 30 ones.

Anyway just something also for you to cbheck, if you have the certain bad mags u can makek Rem give u the new good ones and look for thm to buy also.

Check out 597 forum on Rimfirecentral , outstanding info and help and probably the best and nicest group of guys ive seen on an internet gun forum.

local present company nonwithstanding of course.
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