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Hey thanks for the pic ^ I got a reference of what it should more look like

I went to an indoor range today. I brought 4 different types of ammo:
Federal (pictured above)
Winchester Wildcat
Winchester Super-X

I have 2 clips that hold 30. One of 30 round clips wouldn't fire a single round, all were light strikes. The other 30-round clip fired about once in every 3 times.

So, I had 3 clips that hold 10 (or more like 9). Those worked better. The gun really liked the Stinger. The Wildcat rounds were a disaster.

Even with the stinger, the first round of the clip always failed to fire with a light strike.

I'm guessing the stinger with the extra FPS pushed the hammer back better than the ammo?

I'm going to call Remington tomorrow, the 597 is still under warranty! Thanks all.
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