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I've been shooting high power for about 35 years. I'm a big fan of ther requirement of using data (score) books.

The keep a record of round count, zero changes, conditions at different ranges across the country, on and on.

In my 35 years I've shot in rain, snow, hot and cold. Personally I wouldn't trust an electronic device for recording data. Batteries go south, dust and rain aint good for such devices. Paper and pencil work in all conditions.

When shooting its easier with a pencil to mark the calls, shot placements, etc without getting out of position. Not sure that can be done with electronic devices.

In addition, I coached the AK NG Rifle team. It was a requirement that my shooters kept score books, and record everything posible. I furnished the score books to keep everyone on the same sheet of music. I just don't see electronic devices working.
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