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Well, how many policemen see their jobs as shooting? Keep in mind that the more who think it is, they more people here will be complaining.
There are many facets to being an effective peace officer. Using judgement and tactics in such a way to prevent having to use lethal force in the first place is probably among the most crucial - something that neighborhood watch folk who CCW in Florida are obviously less trained at. I sincerely appreciate the work that the police do and the sacrifices that they choose to make in order to make us safer.

However in light of a few recent deaths due to police missing the bad guy and hitting innocents in this country along with my anecdotal experience of witnessing the skills of officers qualified to carry and use a duty arm, I just wish their standards were a bit higher. I'm not expecting them to be competitive shooters, but I would prefer to see them pass at least the equivalent of a 3 day Black Badge Course for newbie 16 year olds. That includes being able to draw and shoot 2 shots within 2 seconds at 7 yards and hit A's and B's.
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