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Let me clarify. This is a video demonstrating exactly what I consider a good draw and fire.
It's a video that doesn't address real world drawing from concealment and hitting a target at close quarters. I try to maintain hitting the target in 1.5 seconds from the timer. It's always tempting to remove my coat, jacket, or vest and improve my time, but that doesn't serve me very well.

After a few draws, my time can be down to 1.2 or 1.3. The longest is about 2 seconds. Admittedly, I should practice more, and might get down to the 1 sec. mark, though probably not on demand.

For CCW practice, I believe one should practice draw and ready as well as draw and fire, and from ready and fire. If all we practice is draw and fire, we might be training ourselves to be robots in a SD situation where drawing is appropriate, but firing isn't.
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