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Surplus 8mm Ammo

I have a Greek Mauser that just doesn't shoot the Turk surplus ammunition well. I have a hard time keeping the impact on the target stand at 100 yards. The Turk surplus is considerably hotter than the commercial stuff and I end up with a sticky bolt when I shoot the Turk stuff as well as terrible accuracy. Commercial ammunition is not bad as far as accuracy goes and there is no sign of a sticky bolt with the commercial ammunition. I can keep the commercial ammunition inside of 4 minutes and I'm not sure I could do any better with the sights on this particular rifle.

Is there any surplus 8mm ammunition available today that is not as hot as the Turk surplus?

I hate the idea of shooting only commercial ammunition and although I reload, the next person who has this rifle might not. The rifle head spaces OK. The gunsmith said it was close to being out of specification but still OK. I believe I can see some throat erosion from the receiver side of the barrel. Maybe not but the rifling appears to 'taper down' a little bit as it approaches the chamber (that's a tough sight picture to describe in words). The remaining length of the barrel looks fine. Dark but well defined rifling with a good crown.
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