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Interesting thread. Clearly boatloads, literally, of replica C&B revolvers have come to the U.S. from Itlay in the past 40, or so, years.
The thread reminds me of when I had my muzzle loading shop in the 70's. Somehow I got onto the mailing list from and exporter. One offering was for a gross (that's 144) of brass framed Rem. Army .44 C&B revolvers. The total price to me, as a dealer, including shipping and import fees, was $575.00. That breaks down to under $4.00 per gun. Even at that time, $4.00 wasn't much money, especially for a new gun.
One has to wonder how much time and care went into manufacturing those when the factory, exporter both made a profit on them, not including shipping and fees. Not much, fer sure.
These same guns were retailed by many here in the U.S. for anywhere from $50.00 to well over $100.00 each.
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