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Yes they can. I have done it several times.

However if the primers are not flowing into the gas cuts to a point they are causing problems you are better to leave it alone.

If you do need to fix the face because the cut is too deep it's a good idea to face the bolt back about .020" and then set the barrel back a turn and re-chamber. When you remove .020" the extractor will still work fine and in most cases facing back .020" will eliminate the pits or at least make them so minor that they are no longer a problem.

In the most extreme cases you may need to bush the entire bolt face and re-machine it to factory specs, but a new bolt is cheaper, so I only do that kind of repair when the gun has some provenance or special value, so that the customer doesn’t want to replace any parts. If you were working on Alvin York’s personal rifle such a repair might be justified, but in 99.9% of these cases you should just get a new (or newer) bolt.
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