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still remember my only snipe hunt

The older scouts gave us burlap bags had us line up and hold a rope and led us into the darken woods. Once in the woods, we were allowed to drop the rope but stay in line. We then opened the bags, bent over and began walking up the hill side with the open bags loudly saying "Beep" and a few seconds later "Boop". Near the top of the hill we turned around to march down again using the same method. The older scouts had flashlights, we walked into trees. One of the younger scouts began yelling "I got one" and everyone gathered round. You could immediatly smell the skunk and an older scout grabbed the bag and tossed it away from everyone. We then fled the woods to the comfort of the campfire. The older scouts explained the snipes must have been in the pasture tonight, but most of us had figured it out by then.
The next morning I was assigned the job of walking to the next farm house (about a mile away) to borrow their "left handed smoke shifter". The farmers wife told me they had just loaned it out, but consouled me with milk and cookies.
Good ole camp Cedar Hollow. the good days.
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