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Can and did happen !!!

trapping snipe after dark is subject to a great deal of situational improvisation and typically results in bagging something other than snipe.
That actually happened to us on a Scout camp-out. I use to be a Scoutmaster and this was a typical trick we would pull on the new kids. I usually stayed back in camp and listened to the kids up on the hillside. The older kids kept yelling and getting excited about seeing them and catching as well. It was a riot and then they came back to camp and were having a good laugh except for one kid who said he had one. We saw his bag moving and just stared at it and each other. We never really found out what he got as I took the bag back into the woods, opened it and quickly walked away. Asked what it was and I said it was a snipe, just like the kid said ....

That got everybody, thinking !!!

Be Safe !!!
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