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Petah, you may be correct as to books, but as a working or practical definition most who indicate Pre 64 are referring to war-era on, and (more usually) post war up through 1963. Thus (of the top eject era) most collectors/owners refer to Pre War, Pre 64 and Post 64, subdivisions or not. If you say you have a Pre 64, 99% assume it to be 1941 or newer, and often--speaking of "subdivisions"--think in (generally) in terms of Pre 64s being post war (small case)r, just as a matter of common language used. Re "trapper" you are correct, but again it's a (more useful) working definition virtually everyone knows about. "Baby carbine" is another that was used. WWI was not called WWI at the time either.

SO, yes, you are technically correct. "Pre War" is *of course* Pre 64, but not often the terminology used to describe Pre 1941 guns. Distinction is usually made. Most folks (instead) skip "Pre 64" and take it a step further to your "subdivision" to be clearer. "Pre War" describes it so much better and why it is used.

SO, if you read my treatise, you know I was well aware of Pre War rifles, but was instead speaking of not knowing of any regular-production war-era forward (but could certainly be wrong there)...but more especially post-war Pre 64 rifles. Pre War, 'nother story, as I stated.

I usually agree with you, but not in picking semantics on this one. They're good historic and technical clarifications nevertheless.

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