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Data from the Ideal Handbook #38 (published in 1951) for .33WCF:

Jacketed bullets - 200gr:
26.4gr of 2400, 44.5gr of IMR 4320, 46.0gr of IMR 4064, 42.0gr of IMR 3031 -

These are all max loads, so start at least 5% lower. The velocities for all these loads are somewhere around 2000-2300fps, so the modern day .338 bullets available might be a little stout in construction, but I'd load 'em up and shoot them into a wet phone book and see what kind of expansion you get. Probably a round nose bullet with plenty of exposed lead would work best. You're going to have to shop around some, I imagine.

Cast bullets ( great option for this caliber):
195gr gas check Lyman cast - 25.2gr of 2400, 17.0gr of IMR 4759, 16.0gr of Unique. These loads are in the 1700-1900 fps range. Excellent hunting loads for up to 125 yards on deer and elk.

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