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csmsss wrote:

Tom, if the administration's end game was a presumptive win in this case, I'd go along with your reasoning. But that isn't how I read it. A victory for them is just getting to the November election without sustaining a crippling injury - so that's why we are seeing the kick the can down the road, rope-a-dope strategy they've been extremely successful with for over a year now. They have only seven months to go, and as far as I can tell, haven't played out their last delaying action just yet, because the R's haven't pursued this vigorously enough to force them to do so. So we have the attack chihuahuas Issa and Grassley mightily straining at the end of their chains with no hope of ever being allowed to take anything more than tiny nips from the ankles of the administration.

At the risk of coming off "political", regarding the above post, I have, from time to time wondered, and inquired here as to how come/why it seems as if The Republican Leadership has allowed the administration screw-up that is Operation Fast and Furious lie fallow? I wonder still.
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