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Armi San Marco has been at the bottom of the Italian made guns for years.
They build guns that will pass a outside inspection but the inside parts are very poor.
The 1874 Sharps they built will break it's firing pins on the first or second shot.
The other makers and this is a grape vine story all got together and visited with them. They even stated they would help them to produce better parts and bring the quality of the guns up to the same quality level as Pedersoli, Uberti and Pietta. They refused.
A very good friend of mine saw my Sharps by Pedersoli and wanted one for his son for Christmas. He called me and said he could not find one but did find one by ASM. I advised him to wait and order the rifle like mine. He purchased the gun anyways and on the second shot the firing pin broke.
He took the gun back and ordered the Pedersoli which has now fired hundreds of rounds with out a problem.
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