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Not snipe,,, Jackalope,,,,,

We moved to an island off the Upper Peninsula of Michigan when I was 4 years old,,,
In the bar/restaurant/grocery store/etc they had some jackalopes mounted on the wall.

My Grandfather, Dad, and an uncle or two told me how ferocious they were,,,
They would charge you and gore your ankles with their horns.

That evening they set me out on a picnic table near the rental cabins,,,
I had a blanket, a flashlight, and my Daisy BB rifle,,,
Mom did bring me hot chocolate after a while,,,
The men sat inside drinking and laughing.

Dad came and brought me in when I finally fell asleep out there.

They didn't tell me the truth for a month or so,,,
I stalked the danged things until then,,,
I think Mom threatened violence.


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