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Cop bashing?

I was taught by my dad what to do when interacting with the police. He enlisted in '73 as MP and still does it. That advice kept me not only sans handcuffs, but kept me out of jail when the police had more than enough to make me stay a few nights. Due to those few encounters when I was wrong but still acted calm, respectful, and followed orders, I wanted to be a police officer. I joined the military instead, but still want to be an officer when I'm done with the military. I've also got a lot of friends who are police officers. I've volunteered at my local police department to play "bad guy" during training. Just like my dad said, be good, you get treated well. Step out of line and get what is coming to you. Even in the training ops that was apparent.
Obviously there are variable factors in play here. Everyone is prone to a bad day. The stress of working a bad part of town for an extended period of time can really put someone in the red when it isn't necessary. Mob mentality is a pressure everyone is susceptible to, including officers. I guess even if these situations develop just a tiny bit, a regular Joe can make it a pretty bad day through complaints or legal action. But in all the instances where I've been pulled over or anything like that across the country, I've been treated with respect and fairness regardless of how obviously stupid I was being.
I guess I'd just like to say thanks to the cops out there.
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