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E Data Book App

Sorry that this is my first post, but I've got something on my mind...

So I've been competing for a couple years now, and I've got a bunch of data books laying around... Then I thought... What if I could use my phone/tablet for my data book? Perfectly legal per CMP/NRA rules... (So long as it's not playing music) What if it had weapon data, load data, and a ballistics calculator built into it?

I'm looking into doing this very thing right now, but I need some info from you guys... One, what do you think of this? Would you be interested in seeing this app in the market? Two, what would you want to see if you could build this yourself?

The only reason I'm following this up is because it's something that I want to see on the range. I've used database apps, and realize that they have a lot to offer, if only less boxes of data books in my storage...

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