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At some point every house of cards tumbles... Some people crack under pressure and others lash out... I think this probably does go all the way to the top.. in fact I would be more surprised if it didn’t...
Even if it wasn't initially, I think it quite safe to say that the DoJ response is being crafted and executed at the White House level.

The one thing for sure I have learned on the TFL is that anti gunner beliefs are less politics and more some sort of mad theology. It has little to do with thought out reasoning and more to do with an appeal to emotions over logic. It doesnt matter one bit to the anti's that the right to bear arms is a guarnteed civil right of lawful citizens, they seek to choke it from citizens in every avenue and venue possible and by any means.
Couldn't agree more. Gun control is a religion held immensely fiercely by its adherents, logic reason and facts be damned. But it's part of a larger religion too - one I'd rather not get into but which is real nonetheless.

In this case at some point I do believe the light of truth will get to the heart of Fast and Felonious along with many other dark deeds.
Perhaps. Perhaps not. But that isn't what I worry about most. I worry, first, that the revelations will come too late to achieve any justice before the primary actors are indemnified from penalty by pardon. But I worry more that the American public simply will lose interest and turn their backs. I find that to be my greatest worry.

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