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That would be news to all the shooters that can successfully move from right to left at speed while shooting.

OK, my fault for not being more precise. I'm talking about RUNNING from right to left while shooting on the move while attempting to get the hell out of there. If you want to shoot two handed, then be sure and practice while you're backing up at a snails pace.

Not talking about lateral movement, or any other footwork while engaging the target to the front. Gabe Suarez as a good tape that shows the technique very well.

You're essentially shooting the target as you run by. Right to left requires one handed as the gun stays on the target. The more acute the angle to the target as you go from right to left, the farther rearward the gun will be pointed in relation to your moving body's position.

I was surprised at how well, with a little practice, you can run by a target and pump it full of bullets.

The shooting takes place before you pass the target, while you're passing the target, and after you've passed the target.

Goin the other way, from left to right, allows for two handed shooting.
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