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I got burned hard when surplus 8mm (not the over priced sniper stuff) disappeared over night. It was super strange because one weekend I spent hours scouring around finding plenty of sources searching for the best deal. The next weekend (after I got paid) I went to order and *poof* EVERYONE was out of stock. I loved that 50's Yugo stuff. Got mine from J&G. My k98 ate it right up. Never a cracked, let alone burst case. Maybe about 5-10 FTF's out of 900 rounds fired (I rechambered and restruck all of the FTF and they fired fine on the second hit)

I did buy 150 rds of 50's Yugo from a gun show once. Terrible stuff. Once I got home I "QC rejected" about 15% of the rounds as dangerous. I blamed it on mishandling.

Most of the links above, although appreciated, are for the much more expensive "sniper grade". I did see the one link for 50's Iranian. (link) I never heard any reports on it though. Anyone have any experience with it? I just want it for plinking, so a reasonable number of FTF's are OK for the price and I really don't care about accuracy, but I'm not willing to risk any serious damage to my k98.

Thanks in advance for any comments or opinions. Also, apologies for making this my first post here instead of doing a proper introduction.


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