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D.Nix, don't worry.

I'm a wadcutter fan, too ... regardless of the cartridge. There's just something about that massive meplat and a cylindrical projectile, that appeals to me.

For my .44 Mag, I've been considering an NOE Tri-Weight wadcutter mold (also available in .38 and .45 calibers, and pointed versions). However, NOE's current lead time is about 14-16 months. So, if he doesn't have what you want in-stock, you'll have to wait a while. And, right now, he doesn't have any of the tri-weight molds in stock, in any configuration or caliber.

So, I think I'll end up picking a few weights of wadcutters from Tom's catalog (, and have him cut me a 2, 3, or 4 cavity mold. (If you also chose to go this route, you could even have a cavity for a .44 and a .45 WC in the same mold.)

Some other options are NEI, Ballisti-Cast, LBT, and Mountain Molds (design exactly what you want).
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