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I've been watching it this season. I like it, but I take it with a grain of salt. They seem awfully quick to pull out guns and start shooting people in some of the scenarios. I would probably tend towards drawing and using verbal commands to see where that got me. If I don't see a knife or a gun, I'm going to see if I can get away without firing. Some high percentage of these incidents are resolved without shots fired. That doesn't mean I'd hesitate to fire in the right circumstance, but I can't remember a time they drew and didn't immediately fire.

Also quite tickled to see Marty posting here. That is one of my favorite segments as well. My least favorite is when the producer does an advertisement for Ruger and disguises it as "Concealed Carry Tips."

Also, I've been dying to know what holster and guns are carried by the Mikes on the show. I saw a closeup of Seeklander's M&P on the last episode but at the live fire he was using something different with a stainless slide. I'd like it if they would take a moment to tell us what they carry and why. I notice they both carry appendix, as I do, so I'm interested in what they are using.
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