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1. I called Surefire to confirm that the model I sent to you ("H22") was for Mossberg 500.

2. if you do a Google search on the web using Surefire/Mossberg/forend/"H22", you don't get Surefire forend for Maverick, you get Surefire forend for Mossberg 500/590.

Either you are lying or the Surefire personnel you talked is not familiar with the older model (H22 is the older model).

In fact, I don't think Surefire made a different model for Maverick shotgun.

3. demanding complete refund of S&H and PayPal fees, while at the same time, refusing to return the item until complete refund is made, is not normal practice for anybody, be it Costco or MidwayUSA.

4. when did I make a big deal out of giving refund? I flatly stated that you are welcome to return the item for refund but I will not refund the original S&H or PayPal fees.

This is normal practice.

Originally Posted by Jim Alves

Thank-you for sending me this list, so as I can reply to these in a truthful manner.

I just got off the phone with Surefire tech support.

Greg, at Surefire (1-800-828-8809) told me that the item you sold to me as a Surefire forearm for a Mossberg 500 shotgun, marked "H22", is in fact for a Maverick shotgun.

The proper fitting model Laser Products forearm for a Mossberg shotgun is the # 623.

Greg, at Surefire tech support, told me, that the item you sold to me, the "H22" will NOT fit Mossberg 500 model of shotguns. It would be a safety hazzard to use a non-fitting part on a firearm.

Yes, Maverick shotguns were built by Mossberg, however, they are a completely different design.

It would be like trying to fit a front fender of a Chevy Nova to a 3/4 ton 4X4 Chevy pick-up truck.

It just doesn't work.

I have been very up front in telling you the item you sold me "does NOT fit".

I asked for a refund, and you made a HUGE deal out of nothing.

Bottom line, YOU sold me an item that is NOT as you described.

You put "words in my mouth" that I did not say.

All I am asking for is a refund, and I will return the item.

I will be posting this letter on all the websites in reply to your long, drawn out ordeal of "making a mountain out of a molehill"

Maybe from now on, you will do better research on the items you sell, as to prevent this type of misunderstanding in the future.

I would hope, that for the sake of your own respect, and the respect of others, you will now realize your mistake, and remove all these false, inflamatory remarks, as they only prove that you sold an item that is not as you represented.


Jim Alves

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