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Madcratebuilder, you have a point there. Without any reference size gage, the customer would have no way to determine what size he needs. The only thing out there that is commonly available would be steel dowel pins which are .2502". Most good hardware stores have these. If that does the trick, as in my case, then there’s your size. I have a machining drawing for an AR lower and the takedown pin holes are dimensioned .251±.001, so they can be as large as .252, perhaps larger if they are already worn out. In order to offer custom sizing, I would have to keep several sizes in stock and offer an opportunity to exchange them for a different size if they didn’t fit the first time. Sounds like more of a pain than it’s worth. Definitely not a money-maker. Maybe I’ll just offer a .2495-.2500” size for those with new or near new rifles. Anything’s better than the pins that come in the kits. Thanks for the insight.
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